Growing up is hard enough! Imagine learning how to cope with a chronic illness while also experiencing the trials of moving out, financial responsibility, driving and more. It can be a lot! Research shows many pediatric patients are truly not ready to transition into adult care and have worse health outcomes as a result. Cavett Kids wants to be part of the positive change and to build a community of young adults who know what it’s like to live with a chronic or life-threatening disease and have the stress of growing up.

Our Transitions Group hosts young adults, ages 15-24, battling chronic or life-threatening illnesses for quarterly events. We connect with others, share in our common struggles, build positive relationships and set goals for the future all while having fun of course!

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Special Events

  • OU Special Spectators

  • OSU Special Spectators

  • “Pilot for a Day” at Tinker Air Force Base

  • Fireman for a Day

  • OKC Thunder Games

  • OU & OSU Sporting Events

  • Concerts

  • Dream Night at the Oklahoma City Zoo

  • All Abilities Night at iFly